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Roman Joseph John Riccio (born September 17, 1979) is a Canadian music artist, producer, engineer, director, and multi-instrumentalist. Born in Ajax, Ontario, Riccio attended the Sound Recording Engineering program at Fanshawe College in London, ON. After Fanshawe, Riccio went to work at Universal Studios Canada head office in Scarborough, ON where he held various job titles until 2004. While at Universal he catalogued all of the master tapes in Universal Music’s Canadian library working for Allan Reid in the A and R department.

By 2004, Riccio was working as an independent producer, engineer, director, website designer, and musician. During that year he started working at a couple of new recording studios as the head engineer. 199 Studios was located in North York, ON, and was owned by Cory Noziglia and Paul De Maio. At 199 Studios he recorded a number of projects including the Hellmarys and The Urban Street Scandal. In that year Riccio was also working at Sunflower Studios which was owned and built by his aunt and uncle, Sandi and Keith White. Sunflower Studios was located in Brentwood, ON, and there in 2005 Riccio recorded the bed tracks his album The Anti-Love with musicians Brad Park, Snappy Homefry, and Ben Harrison. Bobby Simone was hired to film the recording process for a studio documentary. The Anti-Love was not completed and released until 2008.

Early in 2006, and with Keith White now as Riccio’s artist manager, he recorded his next album Women at Sunflower Studios. Women has Brad Park on drums, Dawn Langstroth on backup vocals, and Riccio played most of the other parts. Solos were overdubbed by Christine Bougie and Cameron Clark. Women was released in 2006 and the single Falling For You was featured by CBC Radio. This album was also picked up by Muzak to be played as background music in retail stores and other public establishments internationally. Riccio moved up north to live with his aunt and uncle late in 2006 to work full-time as an engineer, producer, and music teacher at Sunflower Studios. He lived there for two years and in addition to recording many local acts he was playing his own music live around the area.

After moving back to Toronto in 2008, Riccio finished The Anti-Love album and then began working on his next project which became the Weirdo album. In an attempt to build on the energy which was captured during the recording of The Anti-Love in 2005, Riccio once again called on Brad Park, Snappy Homefry, Ben Harrison, and Bobby Simone to record bed tracks at Sunflower Studios in 2009. This time Homefry was producing and Weirdo took over three years to complete, being released in 2012. Weirdo was played on college radio stations across North America, and the songs Closing the Distance and Tough Words made it to the top played tracks list on several stations.

Riccio met Rene Gillezeau, formerly of the Johnstones, in 2014 and they formed the hip-hop duo Next Level Offensive. With Riccio producing, creating the beats and music, and Gillezeau rapping, Next Level Offensive has recorded several singles which include Top Level, Godzilla, and G.F.Y. Riccio has directed several music videos for the group.

Riccio and Brad Park formed the electronic music duo Bipolaride in 2017 and they have released two singles and a music video directed and edited by Park for Space Trip.

In 2019, Riccio released the singles Intentions, Emma Watson, Unconsoled, and Fall.

Early Life

Riccio was born on September 17, 1979, in Ajax, Ontario, to Pat (a musician) and Wendy (an author and English teacher). He grew up with his younger sister, Tara, on a hobby farm next to Deer Creek Golf Course in Ajax and he attended Valley View Public School. Riccio was enrolled in piano lessons at the age of seven, but was not interested in music at that time and he quit after a year or so. At the age of 12, he was gifted a nylon string guitar from Wendy after discovering the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Pat and Wendy separated in 1989 and Pat married his second wife, Nancy, in 1992. Riccio lived at home with Pat and Nancy until 1997. He was bought his first bass by his father in 1992 and while still in public school he formed his first band with Brodie Christ and Fred Squire.

In Grade 9, Riccio met Clarke Dale and Brad Park where he formed his second band Haze. During his time at Pickering High School, Riccio was in other bands including Alter Ego with Brad Park, Clarke Dale, Paul Nusbaum, and Jared Golberg, and Fuller’s Earth with Adam Tune and Andy Brown. He also formed his own band with Brad Park and Aaron Bales called The Roman Riccio Project and later he had a second band with Brian Urbanik, Davey Patterson, and Andy Brown.

Riccio was accepted to the Sound Recording Engineering program at Fanshawe College in London, Ontario, at the age of 17 where he attended classes for two years. He was hired to work in the mailroom at Universal Studios Canada head office in Scarborough, Ontario, at the age of 19 where he worked until he was 24.


Film Production

Riccio became interested in filmmaking after seeing the making of Lord of the Rings documentaries in 2002 and he bought his first video camera shortly thereafter. He has since directed many music videos and he co-produced a studio documentary with Bobby Simone about the making of his third album, Weirdo, which was released in 2012.

The Second City (2002-2003)

Riccio was hired to sub on bass as well as sound and lights for Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding at The Second City in Toronto as a recommendation by his father, Pat, who was an actor as well as a musician in the show.

Matisse and the Playground (2005-2006)

Riccio played bass with the group Matisse and the Playground which included members Adam Tune, David Matisse, Christine Bougie, and Daniel Yap. Tune and Matisse later went on to form the electronic music band Keys N Krates with Jr. Flo.

Andy Kim Band (2005)

Riccio played bass with the Andy Kim band on a number of live dates and performed with Kim on Breakfast Television and Canada AM in 2005. Other band members at the time included Andrew Austin, Donovan Woods, Daniel Yap, and Paul Lamarche.

An Attic In Time (2019)

Riccio made his directing debut in 2019 with the short film “An Attic In Time”. An Attic In Time is an indie comedy film which shows “behind-the-scenes” footage during Long and McQuade Toronto’s preparation for their 2019 Jack’s Bargain Attic Sale. The film parodies content from various genres and it was originally written as a 9 part advertisement mini-series. The films follows modular synthesis expert Stuart on his epic journey which includes a reckless young department manager, a time machine, a talking computer, a time bandit, and a wizard scientist named Dr. Red.

Roman Riccio Band

Drums: Brad Park
Bass: Roman Riccio
Guitar: Aaron Bales

Drums: Brian Urbanik
Bass: Davey Patterson
Guitar: Andy Brown
Guitar: Roman Riccio

Drums: Brad Park
Bass: Roman Riccio
Keyboards: Ben Harrison
Guitar: Aaron Bales
Vocals: Jamie Lyon

Drums: Brad Park
Bass: Snappy Homefry
Keyboards: Ben Harrison
Guitar: Roman Riccio

Drums: Aaron Spink
Bass: Snappy Homefry
Guitar: Aaron Bales
Guitar and Keyboards: Roman Riccio
Vocals: Nicole Scott

Drums: Brad Park
Bass: Snappy Homefry
Keyboards: Ben Harrison
Guitar: Roman Riccio

Drums: Brad Park
Bass: Roland Racz
Keyboards: Rafael Mario
Guitar: Roman Riccio

Drums: Brad Park
Bass: Roman Riccio
Guitar: Dusty Emer
Guitar: Tristan Armstrong
Vocals: Caitlin September

Musical Influences

Riccio was introduced to Steely Dan and Donald Fagen’s first solo album, The Nightfly, by his father at a very young age. The Steely Dan influence is recognizable in many of Riccio’s original compositions, as well as influences from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Beatles, Sting and The Police, Eurythmics, Tears for Fears, and Elton John.

Riccio is also greatly influenced by his father’s musicality and he was very lucky to receive tips on various instruments from his father’s musical colleagues during his development.

Family History

Pat Riccio Jr.

Riccio’s father, Pat Riccio Jr., has had an extensive career in music, film, and television. He was Anne Murray’s musical director and piano player from 1975-1987 and during that time he played on numerous television specials and toured the world with the show. Pat won a Juno Award for producing Murray’s, “There’s a Hippo in my Tub” album. He also appeared in the cult classic film The Boondock Saints as a mafia guy.

Pat Riccio Sr. (Dec 3, 1918 – Aug 23, 1982)

Riccio’s grandfather, Pat Sr., was an alto and baritone saxophonist, flutist, arranger, and composer from Toronto, Ontario. He joined the RCAF in 1941 and served as music director of the RCAF Streamliners, a 15-piece dance band that performed in England for the BBC and, alternating with Glenn Miller’s (US) Army Air Force Band, at the Queensbury Club in London.

As a saxophonist, Pat Sr. won polls conducted by CBC radio’s “Jazz Unlimited” in 1947 (“best alto”) and 1949 (“best baritone”). He later led big bands and small jazz groups in nightclubs, ballrooms, and concert halls in the Toronto area, and performed with CBC concert parties in Europe and the Middle East.

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