The Anti-Love (2008)

Produced by Roman Riccio

Production Consultant: Pat Riccio Jr.

Executive Producers: Keith White, Sandi White

Recorded at: Sunflower Studios, ON, Canada

Album Design and Photography: Vicki Sloot

Songs composed by Roman Riccio except Getting Over Alia, which is by Roman Riccio and Aaron Bales, 5 To 9, which is by Roman Riccio and Pat Riccio Jr., and The Anti-Love, which is by Roman Riccio and Brad Park. A Question Never Asked is arranged by Roman Riccio and Tomas A. Guzman.

Musicians appearing on this album are as follows;
Drums: Brad Park
Bass: Snappy Homefry
Keyboards: Ben Harrison
Organ: Pat Riccio Jr.
Guitars: Roman Riccio
Guitars: Aaron Bales
Lapsteel: Christine Bougie
Lead Guitar: Danny Weis
Backup Vocals: Dawn Langstroth

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