Weirdo (2012)

Produced and Engineered by Snappy Homefry

Production Consultant: Pat Riccio Jr.

Recorded at Sunflower Studios, ON, Canada and Snappy’s Playhouse Studio, ON, Canada.

Words and Music by Roman Riccio except for Big Men, which is by Roman Riccio, Brad Park, Snappy Homefry, and Ben Harrison and Cloud Nine, which is by Roman Riccio and Snappy Homefry.

Horns Arranged by Jay Hay and Roman Riccio

Musicians appearing on this album are as follows;
Drums: Brad Park
Bass: Snappy Homefry
Keyboards: Ben Harrison
Guitar: Roman Riccio
Lead Guitar: Aaron Bales
Lead Guitar: Christine Bougie
Lead Guitar: David Wipper
Mandolin: David Wipper
Lapsteel: Christine Bougie
Trumpet: Nicolas Buligan
Alto and Tenor Sax: Jay Hay
Tenor Sax Solo: Arthur Kerekes
Trombone: Tom Richards
Piano: Pat Riccio Jr.
Backup Vocals: Hazel Wipper
Backup Vocals: Karina Wipper
Backup Vocals: Diana Wood Campbell

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