Women (2006)

Produced by Roman Riccio

Co-produced by Pat Riccio Jr. and Brad Park

Executive Producer: Keith White

Recorded and mixed entirely on Logic Audio at Sunflower Studios, ON, Canada.

Photography and Graphic Design: Vicki Sloot

Songs composed by Roman Riccio except There For Me, which is by Roman Riccio and Pat Riccio Jr., Cloud Nine, which is by Roman Riccio and Snappy Homefry, and Here Comes The Rain Again, which is by Annie Lennox and David A. Stewart. A Question Never Asked is arranged by Roman Riccio and Tomas A. Guzman.

Musicians appearing on this album are as follows;
Drums: Brad Park
Bass: Roman Riccio
Rhodes: Roman Riccio
Guitars: Roman Riccio
Lapsteel: Christine Bougie
Lead Guitar: Christine Bougie
Lead Guitar: Cameron Clark
Piano: Pat Riccio Jr.
Organ: Pat Riccio Jr.
Backup Vocals: Dawn Langstroth

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